ALe 880
ALe 880

ALe 880

Front panels with interchangeable open or closed fairings, with or without intercirculation bellows, to configure the model for single or multiple units according to the modeller's wishes. Configurable as desired!

The lower body fairings are reproduced identically and are offset at the level of the bogies to allow curved traffic from a radius of 420 mm. A return spring allows the fairing to return to its place when exiting a curve. The buffers are spring-loaded for good operation in curves.

The engine designed by Os.Kar International and proven on other models of the brand is used on this railcar. Two 5-pole motors with articulated universal joints and a cascade of pinions provide motorization for the two bogies of the motorized railcar. Everything is invisible to allow you to contemplate the interior layout.

The metal chassis ensures sufficient weight for impeccable operation of the model. One wheel per bogie is fitted with a grip tire for traveling on ramps without slipping.

The body is made of injected plastic and finely decorated and detailed.

The interior layout is illuminated as standard. All lighting outputs (headlights, taillights, interior, cabin A and cabin B) are configurable in analog via microswitches on the plug and, in digital, via the configuration of the auxiliary outputs of the standard-compliant PluX22 decoder NEM 658. Programmed decoders are available separately from DISTRIMODEL. Installing the decoder is very simple. A speaker is also installed as standard on the electronic board.

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