Our company

DP2C Distribution is a company founded in April 2019 by four model-making enthusiasts, with several decades of personal and professional experience in the railway field and keen to develop an offering of innovative products for model makers.

The company began with the development of a range of storage and transport boxes intended for demanding modelers wishing to protect their rolling stock.

This range of products under the Distrimodel brand has been expanded over the months, including technical adhesives, lubricants and tools.

In 2020, DP2C Distribution signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Os.Kar International brand and contributed to redeveloping the rolling stock ranges of this brand, improving it and redeploying its distribution in a network of retailers across Europe. The shared objectives of our companies are to distribute robust, reliable products, faithful to the originals and of very good quality while containing sales prices in order to revitalize the market, particularly towards young people who want to get started.

In 2023, DP2C Distribution will take over part of the ranges from the artisan Miniatures Passion by reindustrializing the manufacturing process. These new ranges in the catalog wisely complement the new range of lighting strips for passenger cars launched in 2022. With the territorial coverage of its retailer network, DP2C Distribution intends to redeploy these ranges throughout the country and make them more accessible to all. the modelers.

Proud of its success, DP2C Distribution continues to devote a significant part of its resources to Research and Development to design new innovative products and create new markets meeting the expectations of enlightened enthusiasts or beginners of model railways, who are ever more demanding in terms of realism.

The desire to ensure personalization of the service, responding to the particularities of each client, is deeply anchored in the DNA of the company and its founders; it translates into the close proximity desired and maintained with its customers and retailers, particularly on social networks, specialized forums and at trade shows, by sharing experience, skills and passion.